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Packwood, Washington


Some possible irregularities and / or oversights in reference to the maintenance and operation of Destination Packwood have been brought to the attention of the Board. The Board has taken the action of retaining professional services to assist in the evaluation of and to provide a final determination of whether or not any potential irregularities and oversights have occurred, and if so, to determine to what extent and to provide recommendations for corrective actions. 
In December of 2018, the DPA Board initiated contact with the Lewis County Sheriff’s Department to aid, investigate and determine the proper course of action, if any.

Welcome to Packwood


The heart of Volcano Country, located centrally between Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Adams and just minutes from the Steven’s Canyon entrance to Mt Rainier National Park. Packwood’s remote location and small town charm appeal to the visitor who’s looking for a wonderful place to relax and refresh.

Scenic beauty and recreational opportunities attract visitors from all over the world. Come for the hiking, hunting, fishing, bird and wildlife watching, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and camping.


Seasonal Activities

Because of our proximity to so many recreational areas, Packwood enjoys a diversity of people and businesses.

Summer events include two flea markets, an exhibition, Hotrod Car Show, music, craft shows, and several BBQ’s.

The Christmas festival, Winter Carnival, and a Snowmobile Hill Climb keep us busy in the winter.

Local Businesses

See what Packwood has to offer in terms of restaurants, bars, hotels, vacation rentals, shopping, artisan creations, outdoor adventure and much more on local business directory.

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