Packwood Prospecting

Packwood Prospecting and Mining Supplies

(360) 494-0503 | 12870 US Highway 12

Packwood Prospecting offers everything from a basic pan and sluice to dredges and wetsuits. Pan some real gold and learn about organizations you can join to get access to local gold-bearing claims. We demonstrate much of our equipment, teach effective panning methods, and welcome the questions of curious newbies. Want the goods without getting down & dirty? Check out our selection of pay dirt, gold nuggets, silver coins, and excavation kits for kids. Located on Hwy 12 in beautiful downtown Packwood. Open 10-5, Thursday-Sunday, May through September, and year-round by appointment. Find us on Facebook or

We follow the practices outlined in the Fish and Gold pamphlet issued by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to preserve aquatic life habitat.

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