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Why Hawaii is One of The Most Tourist Friendly Places in The World

Why Hawaii is One of The Most Tourist Friendly Places in The World
Now that the weather is starting to get a little colder, it is likely that you have been thinking about packing your bags and heading on a brilliant beach holiday. It has been a while since any of us have been able to just jet off on holiday whenever we feel like it and so right now seems like the perfect time to head off on your next big trip. With the entire world now at your disposal, it can be difficult to figure out where you are going to head on your next holiday. You want your next big holiday to be welcoming and warm and so you should really aim to head to a country that is open to tourists so that you can experience the best holiday that you possibly can. If you have stumbled across this article, then it is likely that you are unable to decide which location you are going to head to on your next holiday. When it comes to booking a holiday, you don’t want to make any mistakes, as holidays can be extremely expensive and are quite an investment, so you want to make sure that you are going to the best possible location. My recommendation is that you book a holiday to Hawaii. Hawaii is once again open to the public, which means that if you want to book a trip, you can go ahead and do it now. You may be wondering why I have chosen to recommend Hawaii for your next trip. Hawaii is known for being extremely welcoming to tourists and it has developed somewhat of a reputation for being a go-to holiday destination for people that want a friendly welcoming, but why exactly has Hawaii become so well known for its welcoming attitude towards tourists?

Tourism supports the economy

One of the main reasons that the people of Hawaii are so welcoming towards tourists is because tourism is a large support to the local economy. During the international lockdown, Hawaii was hit very hard due to the lack of people that were travelling into the country. Hawaii has always been extremely welcome to tourists, as tourists invest a lot of their money into local stores. Hawaii is not known for being accommodating to a lot of big chain companies and franchises and so when people travel to the country, they are investing straight to the local business owners, which allows them to keep their businesses open. During the lockdown, a lot of these local businesses were forced to close due to the lack of economic support from customers. Now that Hawaii has been able to open, they are doing all that they can to bring in the support of travellers. This means that they are offering fantastic deals on locally sourced produce and they are also offering informational classes which give an in-depth look into the effort that goes into sourcing all of the goods that they are selling, which they believe will encourage tourists to spend more money at their stores.

There are plenty of tourist activities

Another reason that Hawaii is considered to be such a tourist-friendly country is that there are plenty of activities available for tourists to take part in. Hawaii is a beautiful island and there is an endless amount of activities that you can get involved in. From the second you step on the plane and read the latest issue of hanahou, you are given plenty of options for things that you can do once your plane has landed. Due to how vast and plentiful the nature of Hawaii is, there are plenty of things that you can do which will make you feel much closer to nature. The local people of Hawaii are more than happy to host extensive tours of the island, with every tour giving an in-depth explanation of what nature can be found and what medicinal purposes the particular parts of nature may have. When you grow up in Hawaii, receiving an education on the many purposes of nature is second nature and something that everyone on the island experiences at one point or another. The people of Hawaii think that it is important to share this information, as it gives a fantastic insight into the ideals that the people hold dear to them. By educating tourists, they are inviting them to learn more about their culture, which makes the tourists feel more like welcome guests than just holiday goers.

There are many beautiful hotels

Another reason why Hawaii has become so popular in the world of tourism is because of the beautiful hotels that are available to stay in once you travel to the island. Not only are the hotels extremely beautiful, but they are very affordable. Due to just how naturally beautiful the landscape of Hawaii is, not much work needs to go into dressing up the hotel to make it more appealing to customers. The goal of Hawaiian hotels is to offer a brilliant service and let the country speak for itself in terms of how naturally beautiful the location is. There is a hotel type that fits essentially any taste, so if you are wanting to be as close to nature as possible, you can choose to go outdoor camping in some of the more natural hotels. However, if you want something a bit more exclusive, you can go to some of the fancier tourist aimed destinations.

Luxury Resorts Around the World That You Need to Book Into

Luxury Resorts Around the World That You Need to Book Into

The world is a big and magical place. There are so many corners of this planet that go completely unnoticed for so long. Especially after the past few years where overseas travel rates have dropped significantly. Nut that’s starting to change, people are returning to travel with a new renewed vigor but where should you go? Here are a few must-visit luxury resorts dotted across the world.

Take me Somewhere Tropical

If you are looking for an all-expense paid resort visit where you can sip away the hours with a cocktail in hand, then why not try the Caribbean. Some of the best sandals resorts are scattered across the many islands of the Caribbean providing luxury relaxation at an affordable price. These resorts often offer similar services so I’m going to run through a few now. There are a wide range of activities you can do at these resorts, want some adrenaline filled action? Why not try going jet skiing or other water sports to take a break from the break and get some high-speed action going. Maybe you want to explore the natural wildlife in the area and go scuba diving take a look at the exotic aquatic life before heading back to the beach for a pina colada.

What’s new and different?

Don’t get me wrong there is a reason why the Caribbean is such a popular place for resorts, it’s a beautiful area and it’s relatively affordable, but maybe you’re looking for something a little bit different or off the beaten path. Why not try a trip to Phuket, Thailand and visit the Amanpuri resort? This resort offers yacht trips to visit the many small islands around the resort, extensive barbeques on the beach, professional led meditation sessions in large pavilions filled with beautiful flowers, its relaxation at it’s finest. Or maybe you want a place with a bigger view, the six senses Zighy Bay in Dibba, Oman is perfect for that. It is right between the massive Hajar Mountains and the seas just off the Musandam Peninsular. This seaside hotel is bound to take your breath away with its extravagant views and extensive spa treatments to really make you forget about your troubles.

What Safari resort offers are there?

If the static views of tall mountains aren’t enough to wow you, there are plenty of resorts mainly dotted about Africa all about observing nature from the comfort of a resort. One incredibly luxurious resort, the Mahali Mzuri in Kenya is known for brilliantly mixing wildlife spotting with privacy, It’s located within the Olare Motorogi Conservancy which is completely private and outside of the national park. This means you have all the benefits of staying in a national park resort without the bother of hundreds of other tourists wandering about whilst you’re trying to relax. If you’re looking for a grander sight, try the Singita Grumeti. This gorgeous resort is location just net to the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. This park is famous for being the main location for what is known as the Great Migration. This is one of Africa’s biggest wildlife events with more than half a million-baby wildebeest’s being born in this time meaning the area is filled with new life, movement and action. There will never be a dull moment as you lie back in your seat to observe the animals fly by.

What if I’m looking for somewhere to cool off?

As great as tropical heats and laziness can be, it’s not for everyone. Maybr you are looking for a more active holiday resort experience. Why not try a ski resort? Snowcapped mountains cozy cabins, it’s very inciting. If this is the case, they maybe think about the Courchevel in France. This big skiing resort is home to 3 massive skiing areas for you to enjoy all through the day and then, into the evening, go back to the hotel, get dressed up and try one of the seven Michelin-starred reseraunts around the resort. It’s got the best of both worlds. But France isn’t always for everyone, maybe try Switzerland. St Mortitz in Sqitzerland is famous for it’s eccentric look and guests. Every February there are horse races that take place across the frozen lakes which you can watch from the comfort of your exquisitely designed rooms filled with comfy furniture and art pieces. If you’re looking for a much more laid-back skiing experience, then there is only one place to go. The Cortina in Italy is a beautiful rustic old resort. Filled with gorgeous architecture the Cortina is very focused on no schedule fun. Slump up the skiing range whenever you wake up, then go for a long lunch, have a nap then head right back out to explore the fanciest shops in Europe and settle in for a few drinks before toddling back off to bed. Absolute bliss.

So there you have it, the many different resort types scattered around the world, each able to give you a unique and tailored resort experience weather you’re looking for cocktails on the beach, animal spotting in the savannah or skiing in the hills. But be careful these resorts are some of the most sought after in the world, so don’t way around for too long. Get to making a reservation and make sure you don’t miss out on a beautiful rejuvenating holiday of a lifetime.

How Amsterdam Became the Bike Capital of the World

How to Explore Amsterdam by Bike

Amsterdam is very well known for its increased number of bike users within the city; they are very welcoming to bike riders with cycle roads implemented throughout most of the area. As Amsterdam center is pretty close together with nothing but flat roads to relax and glide down, which can actually be a very enjoyable experience to get some fresh air, and when the weather is nice, it is only improved further. Whether you are a tourist or a resident of Amsterdam I would highly recommend that you invest in some form of the bike as it is not only a great form of exercise to get into but can also save you a lot of money that you would have otherwise spent on alternate methods of transport.

Amsterdam was not always the bike-orientated part of the world that it is today, and it has taken many years of public schemes and government funding to produce the iconic cycle roads that are available to us all. As you could imagine, installing these roads in such a way that you can get to any part of Amsterdam by bike will have taken a long time. Once they were finished, it was also to be expected that people would start commercializing the idea of bikes by setting up bike retail and rental companies. Over many years the trend seemed to grow to become the city-wide sensation that it seems to now be.

There are many notable tourist attractions within Amsterdam that you may also be interested in visiting; with bike users being so prominent in the city, you may notice that they seem to congregate within specific areas, which also furthers the idea that Amsterdam truly is the bike capital of the world.

Cycle roads

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One of the biggest reasons that Amsterdam can be called the bike capital of the world would have to be the inclusion of their cycle roads; the fact that so much time, effort, and resources went into implementing these high quality and well-connected roads just shows the lengths that the powers and people are prepared to go to. As so much care was taken with this city-wide project, Amsterdam now has one of the most well-recognized cycle roads you could find. By putting something like this in place, more people are encouraged to use these roads and help keep more cars off of the streets.

By reducing the number of cars, you are not only reducing the risk of road accidents, but you are also reducing the number of harmful pollutants; there are poisoning the earth and making a large contribution to the global warming issue.

Bike Rentals

Another way that you could consider Amsterdam to be the bike capital of the world has to be the fact that bike rental is not only so readily available to residents and visitors but it is actively encouraged over renting cars when you visit. There are a wide number of great bike rentals in Amsterdam that can be booked in advance or on a walk-in basis, so do not worry if you have not already arranged this. Renting a bike for multiple days is still much cheaper than the alternative means of transport, and you are also getting a nice amount of exercise and fresh air while you see the city if you choose a bike over being stuck inside a train or bus.

Bike rentals are also a great way that you can cut down travel times and ensure that you see everything that you want to in your limited time in Amsterdam. If you are not the best bike rider and are worried about losing steam, then it would be a good idea to look into the new developments in electric bike technology; these will give you an extra boost when you lack energy.


Tourism has played a huge part in the boost in popularity of using bikes to get around Amsterdam, as more and more people started to visit the city for short trips it became very apparent that doing a short hire of bikes to help you speedily get to where you need to go was the most affordable option that was available. With young people looking for cheaper hostel-style vacations to Amsterdam, it is also the best choice for those who are on a budget.

Community Schemes

There have been many community schemes involving biking that reinforce Amsterdam’s stance as the bike capital; events like cycle races and government schemes providing rental bikes to the public are just some of the community events that occur every year. No other part of the world holds booking in such a respect that it is involved in many aspects of the city-wide lifestyle.

Travel Destinations with the Most Beautiful Plant Life

If you are someone that obsesses over the potted plants in your bedroom, then you are probably in desperate need to venture out and see what the world has to offer in terms of plant life. Due to the fact that different species of plants require many different environments, you will never find one place that houses all of the beautiful plants in the world and so if you want to see them all, you need to travel. It is not entirely conventional to travel in pursuit of plants, but we think it’s a great way to further your understanding of regional nature and we recommend that people do it. Here are some of the best travel destinations with the most beautiful plant life.  



Due to its tropical climate, Jamaica is home to some of the most diverse and most beautiful plant life in the world. If you are someone that loves vibrant and eye-catching flowers, then you will be glad to know that Jamaica has these in abundance. One of the most popular kinds of flowers that you can find in Jamaica is called Jamaican Croton, but it is best known as Joseph’s Coat due to how vibrant the colors on the plant are. Something else you will find around the island is cbd flower, which as we know is the source of cbd oil. Jamaica is very open to the sale of this item and so if you want to give it a try, we say go for it.  



You may be surprised to see Washington on this list as it is not exactly known for its nature. In 1912, Washington was gifted 3,00 cherry blossom trees from the mayor of Tokyo and these were planted all over the City. These trees have only multiplied as the years have gone on and you can still find some of the original trees standing tall above the city.  When the trees are fully bloomed they look beautiful and so you are not only getting the chance to see a part of history, but you are also seeing nature in its most beautiful form.  



Australia may be known for its unpredictable wildlife, but something that you may not know is that Australia has many beautiful wild plants that cover a large majority of the outback and countryside. These wild plants and flowers are absolutely adored by the Australian people and so they are left to grow freely in most places. If you plan on driving through Australia then you will get a firsthand view of how beautiful the country truly is. 


The Netherlands  

Something that the Netherlands is very well known for is the wide array of tulips that grow in many places. There are actually many tulip farms that you can visit and even purchase some of your very own tulip bulbs that you can take back home and grow. There aren’t just tulips, you can see daffodils and hyacinths of all colors.  

Pre-Flight Jitters: 8 Remedies to Combat those Holiday Nerves

Even if you would label yourself as a confident flyer, we all experience pre-flight jitters. As humans, we were not made to be in the air, so it is natural for our bodies to react negatively to the prospect of being in the air. It is perfectly normal for you to feel a little unwell before you get on the plane. Feeling unwell when flying does not mean that you have to deprive yourself of being able to jet off on holiday, as there are a number of ways that you can combat your problem.

Have plenty to eat beforehand

A very common mistake that travelers make before heading on a flight is not eating enough. If you think you feel unwell already, imagine how unwell you will feel after having very little to eat. Ensuring that you have had plenty to eat will make any sickness much more bearable, as the last thing you want is for your jitters to be amplified by feeling sick.

Bring some form of entertainment

The best thing you can do when you are feeling nervous about a flight is distract yourself. It is very little in terms of entertainment provided on a flight aside from looking out of the window, which may just make your jitters worse. We recommend bringing a book or even downloading a movie to watch in order to distract yourself. People have found that doing a puzzle or something similar distracts you from the heights that you are at as you have your mind preoccupied with something challenging

CBD treatment

If you are someone that is generally panicky, then you may have already been advised on some ways to try and relax. A very popular tool that is now used all over the world is CBD vaping or oil treatment. Using CBD has been shown to drastically decrease feelings of stress and anxiety, which is what makes it so helpful for flight anxiety.  You may be wondering what the length of time to get cbd out your system is, but this is something you don’t have to worry about as CBD is legal throughout the world and does not get you ‘high’ as THC does, so you will be perfectly functional.

Express your concerns to staff

Airline staff has to deal with people and their pre-flight jitters all of the time, so they have pretty much mastered the art of reassuring flyers. These people have years of experience, so they know best when it comes to whether or not a flight is safe or not.


Flight attendants and other staff have also had to deal with any imaginable freakout or breakdown that you could imagine, so even if you are unable to keep a level head, they will be able to. Sometimes we just need someone to rationalize with us in order to feel better, so this would be very useful.

Don’t drink alcohol

People often make the mistake of having a drink to calm their nerves, this is not the case at all. In fact, alcohol is a depressant so it is likely to only make you feel worse about your upcoming flight. Something that comes with drinking is nausea, which is the last thing you will want to be dealing with when you are already trying to overcome the anxiety of flying.

A drunk mind can also talk you into more fear, so keeping a clear mind will be in your best interest.


Don’t give in to fear-mongering

Before your flight, you may be tempted to google the probability of your plane crashing or watch videos about the dangers of planes. You are only human so it is natural for you to be cautious, but a lot of the content you may find will not be an accurate representation of what flying is really like.


Many people out there publish content with the purpose of scaring people who are not too familiar with flying, so don’t allow them to achieve what they want to achieve. Unless they are professionals, their opinion shouldn’t matter to you.

Have a travel buddy

If you are really worried about flying, you could secure yourself a travel buddy. If you are going on holiday with friends and family, pick someone that you will sit beside throughout the flight. Express to them how you have been feeling about your flight in terms of anxiety and they should go out of your way to preoccupy you during the flight.

If you are traveling alone then don’t be afraid to chat away to the person you are sat next to as a distraction, there is every chance they feel the exact same way that you do so you could be offering them some relief too.

Familiarise yourself with safety features

The best way to make yourself feel better about the safety of the plane is by familiarizing yourself with the long list of safety features and procedures that every plan is prepared with. It is no secret that flying can be dangerous and for this reason, airlines have done everything that they can to add additional features to make sure that they are prepared for any possible circumstance.

If you ask your flight attendant, they will show you all of the items that they use in order to deal with any potential accidents, so you are in really safe hands.