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Choosing the Perfect Mode of Transport for Travelling Amidst Pandemic

Are you planning to travel amidst the pandemic?

If yes, you need to choose the mode of transports carefully. 

There are different modes of transport you can choose for travelling. As of now, most of the transport services are available for tourists. 

If you want to stay safe and save your money while travelling, you need to plan the trip and inquire about different transportation options available. An airplane (airplane, airplane; French airplane, Latin avis – “bird”) is a device for flying a solid structure. It consists of a body (dragon) (hull, wings, buoyancy and command surfaces, landing gear), equipment and propulsion. The first successful construction, with realization, was performed by the brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright. They managed to take off on that construction of theirs in 1903. This is recorded as the historical beginning of human flight with a device called an “airplane”. The first manned aircraft were designed by the German Otto Lilienthal. He made several flights between 1891 and 1896. During one, he lost his life when his plane crashed. With his experiments, he pointed out the principles of flying and controlling the aircraft. Before him, in 1840, the English, William Hanson and John Stringfellow, built an airplane with a steam engine. Their “Air Steam Carriage” plane served as an example to many constructors after them. The characteristics of this aircraft were: separate rudders of direction and height, wings made of canvas and wood that were placed obliquely. It was powered by a light steam engine, the only one available at the time. He started two identical propellers. However, there are no official data that they flew. The first officially successful flight of a heavier-than-air aircraft that could be operated was performed on December 17, 1903, near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, USA. The Flyer I, constructed by the Wilbur and Orville Wright brothers, had two wings, an upper and a lower one, a rudder that was used for climbing and diving, and a rudder that was used for turning. It was powered by its own light petrol engine which was connected to two propellers. On the lower wing lay and piloted the pilot. The result of this flight was three meters in height and 12 seconds in duration. The world’s first passenger plane began regular traffic flying across Tampa Bay in Florida in 1914. The first commercial flights in Europe were established in 1919, immediately after the end of the First World War. The first passenger planes were modified military planes. One of them was “Farman Goliath”. It had a capacity of 11 seats. Flying such planes was very uncomfortable because it was very cold in them. Noise and vibration from the engine were a big problem. In the twenties and thirties, in the production of airplanes, wood was replaced by metal, and hulls began to be made of tubular constructions. Also, the planes had only one pair of wings. The first modern commercial aircraft was the Boeing 247. This single-wing twin-engine, which was made entirely of metal, had a capacity of only 10 passengers, but it flew at a speed of as much as 300 km / h. It was made in 1933 in the USA. Three years later, the “Douglas DC-3” plane, popularly called “Dakota”, also appeared in America. It had a capacity of 21 seats and was very used. Some of the models of this plane are still used for the needs of the American post office.

Which Mode of Transport to Choose?       

You need to consider certain factors while choosing the mode of transports for your travelling trip. You can either choose one or a combination of services. 

Air Travel:

The first option is air travel. Most of the experts suggest that it is the safest mode of transportation for travellers. This industry is very big on hygiene and safety. But let’s not forget that it is the major reason for the spread of the virus. So if you are travelling internationally, this method is best. However, you need to be cautious while travelling. Make sure you follow all the safety protocols. It is expensive, but it will save a lot of time. You also need to undergo Covid-19 test or stay in quarantine as per the rules in the country. 

Cruise Ship:

Another option is to travel via cruise ships. The ships have come back to life after being devoid of travellers. Many cruise ships are sailing from the USA and Europe. You can choose this mode of transport as well for recreation purpose. However, it is not as safe as you have to stay on board with other travellers for a long time. While there is social distancing protocol, it might not be effective. But if you are travelling only for a short duration, you can choose this medium.

Bus and Train Travel:

Bus and train travel falls into a high-risk category. It is cheap and affordable, but the risk is high. As it is a public transport service, you need to take some extra measure to protect yourself. Avoid overcrowded busses and trains. Make sure you travel when there is less rush. You also need to avoid standing in crowded platforms.

Cab Travel:

You can also go with cab travel service. It goes for short distance travelling. It is safe as there is no overcrowding in the cab. However, you need to make sure the driver sanitizes the car after every trip. You also need to keep a distance from the driver. Make sure he is wearing a mask. Avoid eating while you travel. You need to choose a cashless mode of payment to pay the cab fare.

Personal Transport:

This is the best option to travel amidst Covid-19. If you have a personal car or bike, you can use it for travelling. It is the safest option as only will use it. There is no need to wear a mask or sanitize your car again and again. If you are travelling within the country, you can use your own vehicle.

These are some of the options you can use for travelling. Make sure you choose the safest and the best mode of transport to stay safe.

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