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Five Safest Places to Visit around the World during Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 has become a nightmare for travellers!

Out of all the industries in the world, travelling and hospitality have faced the major burn.

The initial days of the pandemic were worse for all. Due to international border closure and lockdown rules, there was no other option but to stay coped up in the house.

However, with the recent development in vaccine and leniency in travelling rules, travellers are starting to pack their bags again.

If you are craving to travel again, there are some places around the world where you can travel during the pandemic.

Five Best Places to Visit:

These are the five best tourist destinations for you. These places have Safe Travel Global Safety Stamps, which means they are open for tourist. 

They are welcoming tourists from all around the world and have easy entry and exit rules for travellers.

Although these places are safe, you need to follow basic social distancing rules and wear a mask while travelling.


Mexico is the first country to open its borders for tourists. Ever since the border opened in June, Mexico became the number one tourist destination for travellers. The tourism industry in the country is taking extra precautions for the safety of travellers. The entry rules are easy and simple. The major attraction in the country is Cancun city which is the first to open for travellers. You need a regular visa to visit this country. There is no quarantine testing or requirement. All you need to do is wear a mask and follow social distancing rules. The current territory of modern Mexico was discovered and settled by nomadic groups of hunters and gatherers 30,000 years ago. Around 9000 BC. e, processes have developed that have led to the domestication of plants such as pumpkins or gourds in the Tevakan Valley and the Tamaulipas Mountains. Corn was domesticated about a quarter of a millennium BC and represented a real boom that led to the creation of the first settlements in Central America. The inhabitants of the region known as Aridoamerica continued to lead a nomadic life, although they also maintained ties with Central Americans. Traces of settlements from the earliest times can be seen in some places, such as Cueva de la Pera (12,000 BC, Cueva de la Candelaria (8,000 BC) El Conchalito (1000 BC) as well as cave painting in the Sierra de San Francisco. The first beginnings of Central American civilization date back to 2500 BC. n. e., when pottery and the first agricultural unrest occurred until 1500 BC. n. e. During the pre-classical Central American period, which includes the period between the 15th century BC. n. e. and 4th century BC. n. e., Olmec culture spread throughout Central America.  Some of the important centers of Olmec civilization were Venta, Tres Zapotes, Teopantekvanitlan. After the decline of the Olmec culture, several different cultures flourished simultaneously. In western Central America, the tradition of recessed tombs flourished, and the Gulf of Mexico developed an epiolmecal culture, as did the Central American extended calendar. After the expeditions of Francisco Hernandez de Córdoba (1517) and Juan de Grihalve (1518), Hernan Cortes arrived in Cozumel and reached the shores of Tabasco, where the Battle of Sentla took place, in which the Maya defeated the Spanish conquistador.  Here Cortes founded Santa Maria de la Victoria, where he received as a gift the native Malincin, far better known as Malinche, who remained with him all his life and faithfully served him as a leader.  In February 1519, Cortes arrived in Veracruz with his men, from where he continued to the interior of the Central American continent. There he made an alliance with some tribes and continued towards the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan in search of gold and other valuables. Along the way, he defeated some Aztec allies, such as in the massacre in Čolula. The ruler of the Aztec Empire at the time of the arrival of the Spaniards was Montezuma II, who received the Spaniards in a peaceful manner,  but the Spanish massacre in Tokskatl provoked a revolt among the Aztecs and forced them to take up arms. On that occasion, Montezuma was killed, and his brother, Kvitlavak, took his place. Kvitlavak defeated the Spaniards in 1520,  but soon died of smallpox.  The goddesses, brought to America by the conquistadors, took the lives of millions of Aztecs during the 1920s.  Kwatemok, the last leader of Tenochtitlan, was arrested on 13 August 1521 and executed in 1525. The exact date of Kwatemok’s execution is unknown, as is the place where he was buried

Dominican Republic:

This is the perfect place to visit in the Caribbean. Being the most popular tourist destination in the world, the Dominican Republic is open for travellers. Every year nearly 6 million travellers visit this place. There are beautiful resorts, beaches and perfectly tropical weather. Also, you can visit this place on a regular visa. There is no need to undergo Covid-19 test or follow quarantine. You can visit the entire country without any restrictions. 


You can also visit the Bahamas during Covid-19. It is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. You can wander around 700 islands; enjoy white sand beaches and clear blue water. It is good for water sports as well. You only need a regular visa to visit this place. There are entry restrictions. There is no quarantine in this Bahamas. However, you need a negative Covid-19 test to prove that you are safe. 


It is one of the most underrated tourist destinations. It has beautiful architecture, heritage sites and beaches. Eventually, every year nearly 20 million people visit this place. Anybody can easily visit this place. Moreover, the visa is readily available. However, you need a negative Covid-19 test report to enter the borders.


If you love sandy beaches and luxury resorts, this place is perfect for you. Jamaica is open for tourist from all around the world. You can enjoy the warm tropical weather and laid back culture. It is safe to travel, but you need a negative Covid-19 report to visit this place.

These are the five safest tourist destinations to visit all around the world during Covid-19 pandemic. You can quickly get a visa to visit any of these places.

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