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How Amsterdam Became the Bike Capital of the World

How to Explore Amsterdam by Bike

Amsterdam is very well known for its increased number of bike users within the city; they are very welcoming to bike riders with cycle roads implemented throughout most of the area. As Amsterdam center is pretty close together with nothing but flat roads to relax and glide down, which can actually be a very enjoyable experience to get some fresh air, and when the weather is nice, it is only improved further. Whether you are a tourist or a resident of Amsterdam I would highly recommend that you invest in some form of the bike as it is not only a great form of exercise to get into but can also save you a lot of money that you would have otherwise spent on alternate methods of transport.

Amsterdam was not always the bike-orientated part of the world that it is today, and it has taken many years of public schemes and government funding to produce the iconic cycle roads that are available to us all. As you could imagine, installing these roads in such a way that you can get to any part of Amsterdam by bike will have taken a long time. Once they were finished, it was also to be expected that people would start commercializing the idea of bikes by setting up bike retail and rental companies. Over many years the trend seemed to grow to become the city-wide sensation that it seems to now be.

There are many notable tourist attractions within Amsterdam that you may also be interested in visiting; with bike users being so prominent in the city, you may notice that they seem to congregate within specific areas, which also furthers the idea that Amsterdam truly is the bike capital of the world.

Cycle roads

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One of the biggest reasons that Amsterdam can be called the bike capital of the world would have to be the inclusion of their cycle roads; the fact that so much time, effort, and resources went into implementing these high quality and well-connected roads just shows the lengths that the powers and people are prepared to go to. As so much care was taken with this city-wide project, Amsterdam now has one of the most well-recognized cycle roads you could find. By putting something like this in place, more people are encouraged to use these roads and help keep more cars off of the streets.

By reducing the number of cars, you are not only reducing the risk of road accidents, but you are also reducing the number of harmful pollutants; there are poisoning the earth and making a large contribution to the global warming issue.

Bike Rentals

Another way that you could consider Amsterdam to be the bike capital of the world has to be the fact that bike rental is not only so readily available to residents and visitors but it is actively encouraged over renting cars when you visit. There are a wide number of great bike rentals in Amsterdam that can be booked in advance or on a walk-in basis, so do not worry if you have not already arranged this. Renting a bike for multiple days is still much cheaper than the alternative means of transport, and you are also getting a nice amount of exercise and fresh air while you see the city if you choose a bike over being stuck inside a train or bus.

Bike rentals are also a great way that you can cut down travel times and ensure that you see everything that you want to in your limited time in Amsterdam. If you are not the best bike rider and are worried about losing steam, then it would be a good idea to look into the new developments in electric bike technology; these will give you an extra boost when you lack energy.


Tourism has played a huge part in the boost in popularity of using bikes to get around Amsterdam, as more and more people started to visit the city for short trips it became very apparent that doing a short hire of bikes to help you speedily get to where you need to go was the most affordable option that was available. With young people looking for cheaper hostel-style vacations to Amsterdam, it is also the best choice for those who are on a budget.

Community Schemes

There have been many community schemes involving biking that reinforce Amsterdam’s stance as the bike capital; events like cycle races and government schemes providing rental bikes to the public are just some of the community events that occur every year. No other part of the world holds booking in such a respect that it is involved in many aspects of the city-wide lifestyle.

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