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Impact of Covid-19 on Travel and Tourism Industry

The travel and tourism industry has been thriving since the last few decades. However, 2020 bought a major shift in the growing trend.

This year the industry witnessed an all-time low business. Due to travel restrictions, there was no demand which leads to no business and zero revenue.

Covid 19 can have a variety of symptoms. Scientists have now identified important biomarkers and identified seven groups of symptoms. This should help in the treatment as well as in the development of an effective vaccine. Tingling in the throat, headache, mild runny nose… What are the symptoms of kovida 19? A year ago, we were not very interested in such diseases or a mild cold. But now, in the fall of 2020, it looks completely different. It is enough to just tear and start thinking: “Where have I been in the last few days, how close have I been to people, what have I touched? Do I smell and taste? I’m losing my breath a bit … ” Stop! If that means anything to you: you are not the only one. Scientists and doctors are also constantly preoccupied with such thoughts and are still trying to track down the multitude of symptoms that a person infected with the corona virus can have. Scientists from the Medical University of Vienna could now add at least a little more order to the long list of indications that someone is infected with the corona virus. Namely, they identified seven different forms with a mild course of the disease. The study was published in the journal Allergy. Their main goal was to find out what good immunity looks like after recovery and on the basis of which it can be measured. For that purpose, immunologist Winfried Piklom, allergist Rudolf Valent and their colleagues examined 109 convalescents – that is. persons who have survived the crown. They also examined 98 healthy people from the control group and performed tests on their blood.

Seven groups of kovid symptoms 19

Based on these data, the scientists were able to show that different symptoms are related and that they occur in so-called groups of symptoms. They identified the following seven groups:

1. Flu-like symptoms (fever, chills, fatigue and cough)

2. Cold symptoms (runny nose, sneezing, dry throat and stuffy nose)

3. Pain in joints and muscles

4. Inflammation of the eyes and mucous membranes

5. Lung problems (pneumonia and difficulty breathing)

6. Gastrointestinal problems (including diarrhea, nausea and headache)

7. Loss of sense of smell, taste and other symptoms

Impact of Covid-19 on Tourism Industry:

2020 will be known as the darkest year in the history of travel and tourism. Here is how the Covid-19 impacted it.

Zero Growth:

Tourism went from the fastest-growing sector to the slowest one. The global tourism industry nearly contributes 10% to the GDP of the world. However, this year there was hardly any business. People in this industry lost their jobs. In the first quarter of 2020, there was zero profit. The growth trend shows a downward trend since the first few months of 2020.

Travel and Tourism Ban:

Majority of countries in the world are closing their borders and putting a ban on travel and tourism. As 90% of people live in countries where Covid-19 is full force, there is a complete ban on local and international travels.

Less Number of Tourists:

Due to the current pandemic, fewer people are travelling around the world. The fear of contracting the virus and the restrictions by the government is stopping the people from travelling. Because of this, there is a decline in the number of tourists. As no one is travelling, there is no business. Everyone who depends on this industry is striving to make ends meet.

Airline Business Fails:

The airline industry has undergone severe losses due to the pandemic. Air travels were shut down due to border closure. There was no business in this industry for a few weeks. Many airline companies have to close down business because of this reason. More than 40% of employees have to leave their jobs. There are many airline filing for bankruptcy due to huge losses and no income.

Hospitality Sector Suffers:

This is another sector which suffers due to lockdown. After the transport sector, pandemic affects hotel sector as well. All the hotels were closed down due to health and safety issues. Hotel rates are all-time low due to less demand. There is a huge decline in occupancy, average daily rate and revenue per available room. Many small hotel owners have to close down the business and switch to other professions to survive in the market.

Managing the Return of Tourism:

More and more countries are opening their borders so that the tourism industry can survive. However, it isn’t easy to manage the return of tourism. The industry has to take extreme measure to keep the tourist safe. There are restrictions on the timings, the number of tourists and transport. The industry has to manage all the things.

Safe Travels:

As tourism returns, the sector has to follow safe travel rules. To make sure travelling is safe for all, there are several things the industry has to take care of. Safety and hygiene is a major concern. The hotel transport companies and everyone has to follow safety protocols which make overall travelling expensive. 

This is how Covid-19 affects travel and tourism industry. Even though the world is recovering from the pandemic, it will take a few years for the industry to gain back traction.

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