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Latest Travel Trends in Travelling and Tourism Industry

Travellers have been desperately waiting for 2020 to be over so that they can begin the new year with travelling adventures.

While 2020 was a no show for tourists, they are totally ready to explore 2021. So far, this year has proven quite good for the tourism industry.

Things are going back to normal, and travellers are coming up with some new trends. It looks like this year will be a revolution for the travelling industry. A temporary ban on irrelevant travel to and from Belgium came into force today. Travel in road, air, sea and rail traffic is subject to the ban, which should be in place by March 1.  The Belgian national authorities emphasize that the decision to ban all unimportant travel was made in order to stop the spread of new strains of coronavirus. All passengers who fall under the category of “compulsory travel” will have to submit an “affidavit” relating to the purpose of their trip and attach the relevant documents. Serbia removed from the “red list” of risky countries: Mandatory quarantine is abolished All passengers from the United Kingdom, South Africa and South America who come to Belgium must go directly to quarantine for ten days and be tested twice for kovid 19. Norway will close its borders at midnight on Friday for all passengers whose arrival is not necessary, Prime Minister Erna Solberg said today. She said at the press conference that the border will be closed for everyone who does not live in Norway. She specified that there will be exceptions, such as medical workers from certain countries, but she added that most moguls will not be able to enter the country, Reuters reports. Norway, which is not a member of the EU, introduced a lockdown in the region around the capital Oslo on Saturday, The director of the National Association of Tourist Agencies of Serbia (YUTA), Aleksandar Senicic, says that it is not yet known according to which rules and conditions he will travel abroad in the future, but that due to the next tourist season they should be known by the end of March or beginning of April. According to him, it now seems certain that the vaccine received will be an advantage, but not a condition for being able to travel to other countries. Because, as he says, some people simply do not want to receive the vaccine, while others are not allowed to, and other rules will apply to them, such as a negative PCR or a quick antigen test.after the outbreak of the British variant of the coronavirus appeared. Senicic estimates that the possession of a health certificate for crossing the border, which is increasingly mentioned, is a logical sequence of events and that it was already a topic at the meeting of the leaders of the European Union members. “They rejected the idea of ​​introducing a covid-passport and its introduction should not be expected, after all, the World Health Organization is against such a solution. It is more likely that it will be a certificate or a vaccination certificate where you can read through the CU code necessary data “, states Seničić. He emphasizes that it is very important to regulate it at the level of the European Union and make a decision there on a single document and what it should look like. Senicic points out that the complete nonsense is the fear that the type of vaccine that is received could be an obstacle to entering one of the countries, usually referring to the Chinese or Russian vaccine. “It is completely meaningless. It is known that Russian and Chinese tourists are among the most numerous tourists. They will certainly receive vaccines from their countries and it is not logical to expect someone to refuse so many people and not allow them to enter the country just because of the vaccine,” he said. Senicic. That is why, he points out, it is completely unfounded to think that the type of vaccine can be a problem

Five Latest Travelling Trends:

Here are some of the latest travelling trends the tourists are going to follow this year. These trends are going to rule the tourism industry.

Road Trips:

Road trips are a saving grace for travellers. When no other transport was available, the road trip was the only option for the tourists. Nowadays most of the people prefer to travel by road using their own vehicles. It is not only safe but gives them the freedom to go anywhere without any restrictions. Instead of travelling to foreign countries, travellers are exploring local places in their own country. It is not only cheap but fun. There is no social distancing and quarantine drama when you ride your own car to travel.

Solo Travel:

This is another trend travellers are following. The best thing you can do during a pandemic is to travel alone. More and more travellers are going on solo trips. People love to wander on their own as there are no restrictions. As you cannot travel in groups, this is the second-best option. Majority of the people are going on trips and starting their own travel blogs. It helps them to stay afloat during the financial crunch.


The only good thing about the pandemic is to work from home. 90% of people in the world are working from home due to lockdown. It gives them the freedom to work as and when they want. There is no need to go to the office. Most of the people are utilizing this time by going on vacations and working from there. Workation means working during vacation. You can easily make travel plans and travel and work at the same time. There is no need to take leave or jeopardize your work.

Sustainable Travel:

It means to travel in an eco-friendly manner. Travellers have become aware of climate change problems. Because of this, they prefer travelling in an eco-friendly way. It helps them to reduce carbon footprints and save the planet. They prefer renewable energy sources to travel. They are staying in hotels which run on solar power. This is the latest travelling trend.

Preparing Bucket List:

This is another trend in the tourism industry. When people were not able to travel or do anything due to lockdown, they used the free time to create a bucket list. Now, most of the travellers have buck list of the places they want to visit and the thing they want to do. They are saving money so that they can travel and cross out all the things on the list.

These are some of the latest travel trends travellers have come up it. The travelling industry needs to be prepared as the majority of the travellers are going to follow these trends.

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