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Pre-Flight Jitters: 8 Remedies to Combat those Holiday Nerves

Even if you would label yourself as a confident flyer, we all experience pre-flight jitters. As humans, we were not made to be in the air, so it is natural for our bodies to react negatively to the prospect of being in the air. It is perfectly normal for you to feel a little unwell before you get on the plane. Feeling unwell when flying does not mean that you have to deprive yourself of being able to jet off on holiday, as there are a number of ways that you can combat your problem.

Have plenty to eat beforehand

A very common mistake that travelers make before heading on a flight is not eating enough. If you think you feel unwell already, imagine how unwell you will feel after having very little to eat. Ensuring that you have had plenty to eat will make any sickness much more bearable, as the last thing you want is for your jitters to be amplified by feeling sick.

Bring some form of entertainment

The best thing you can do when you are feeling nervous about a flight is distract yourself. It is very little in terms of entertainment provided on a flight aside from looking out of the window, which may just make your jitters worse. We recommend bringing a book or even downloading a movie to watch in order to distract yourself. People have found that doing a puzzle or something similar distracts you from the heights that you are at as you have your mind preoccupied with something challenging

CBD treatment

If you are someone that is generally panicky, then you may have already been advised on some ways to try and relax. A very popular tool that is now used all over the world is CBD vaping or oil treatment. Using CBD has been shown to drastically decrease feelings of stress and anxiety, which is what makes it so helpful for flight anxiety.  You may be wondering what the length of time to get cbd out your system is, but this is something you don’t have to worry about as CBD is legal throughout the world and does not get you ‘high’ as THC does, so you will be perfectly functional.

Express your concerns to staff

Airline staff has to deal with people and their pre-flight jitters all of the time, so they have pretty much mastered the art of reassuring flyers. These people have years of experience, so they know best when it comes to whether or not a flight is safe or not.


Flight attendants and other staff have also had to deal with any imaginable freakout or breakdown that you could imagine, so even if you are unable to keep a level head, they will be able to. Sometimes we just need someone to rationalize with us in order to feel better, so this would be very useful.

Don’t drink alcohol

People often make the mistake of having a drink to calm their nerves, this is not the case at all. In fact, alcohol is a depressant so it is likely to only make you feel worse about your upcoming flight. Something that comes with drinking is nausea, which is the last thing you will want to be dealing with when you are already trying to overcome the anxiety of flying.

A drunk mind can also talk you into more fear, so keeping a clear mind will be in your best interest.


Don’t give in to fear-mongering

Before your flight, you may be tempted to google the probability of your plane crashing or watch videos about the dangers of planes. You are only human so it is natural for you to be cautious, but a lot of the content you may find will not be an accurate representation of what flying is really like.


Many people out there publish content with the purpose of scaring people who are not too familiar with flying, so don’t allow them to achieve what they want to achieve. Unless they are professionals, their opinion shouldn’t matter to you.

Have a travel buddy

If you are really worried about flying, you could secure yourself a travel buddy. If you are going on holiday with friends and family, pick someone that you will sit beside throughout the flight. Express to them how you have been feeling about your flight in terms of anxiety and they should go out of your way to preoccupy you during the flight.

If you are traveling alone then don’t be afraid to chat away to the person you are sat next to as a distraction, there is every chance they feel the exact same way that you do so you could be offering them some relief too.

Familiarise yourself with safety features

The best way to make yourself feel better about the safety of the plane is by familiarizing yourself with the long list of safety features and procedures that every plan is prepared with. It is no secret that flying can be dangerous and for this reason, airlines have done everything that they can to add additional features to make sure that they are prepared for any possible circumstance.

If you ask your flight attendant, they will show you all of the items that they use in order to deal with any potential accidents, so you are in really safe hands.

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